Thursday, December 30, 2010

The MASSIVE model-making project

About a month before Christmas, my brother Tim and I decided we needed to start thinking about pressies. I've been getting more and more cynical about the idea of spending loads and loads and getting so massively stressed out about getting presents and doing the whole 'shopping' thing. So instead.... for a long time I've been wanting to do a model of our house for my parents. My father is an architect (so loves houses, although ours is far too old-fashioned for him now), and my Mum adores this house because Dad designed it and we have lived in it for almost 14 years now.

So Tim and I got to work on a scale model of our house. I surreptitiously called up Dad at work and asked where we would find the plans for the house, got our hands on them and started working....

It started with a foam board base and cardboard walls. Then the brick saga began - individually glued on 3mm by 8mm bricks (our guess is that there are probably around 5000 on the house - at least). Finally complete, we corrugated and painted our own paper to be stuck onto the cardboard roof. Then bits and pieces like windows, drainpipes, woodpiles, gutters, chimneys, skylights, balsa wood on the walls, door-knobs, lights, decks ensued, to give you this.........

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Christmas wool

Quite excited that for Christmas my wonderful brother Nathanael gave me this lovely "Naturally Loyal" navy-blue 100% wool. Three balls of it! Having been in Christchurch for the past couple of days, I've already gotten to work on a scarf for him (is it strange that I'm pretty much just giving his present back to him in knitted form? Hehe.) I've already had a few mishaps - had to restart once and massively undo some stuff (because it's a scarf mistakes are very obvious), but I am well on the way to a lovely woolen winter scarf. I wonder if this project will ever be finished?!!